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Experience my work through different mediums designed to engage different and diverse publics:

a podcast, map, booklet, public talk, newsletter articles, image galleries, videos, drone footage, research posters and academic presentations. 

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Featured Media

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk



Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk

Rio Huayabamba 1.JPG

Public Talk


An overview of my predoctoral research on Chachapoya mortuary landscapes and architecture outlined for the Chicago Archaeological Society's March 2022 newsletter.


A newsletter article titled "Insights into Chachapoya Tourism, Heritage and Online Engagement", published with the SAA's Heritage Values Interest Group in November 2020.

Peru 2016 221.JPG

Abstract & flyer of a talk "Deconstructing Colonial Discourse in Eco-Archaeology Tourism within the Chachapoya Region, Peru" presented at the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Graduate Student Workshop, 03.2022.

San Jeronimo 3.JPG

A poster presented virtually at Peru's Ministry of Culture 7th Congreso Nacional de Arqueologia, titled "LA DIVERSIDAD DE LOS PAISAJES MORTUORIOS EN LA REGIÓN CHACHAPOYA, PERÚ". 


A talk presented at the 2019-2020 CNAIR Fellows Brown Bag event, titled "Towards a Community Engaged Landscape Archaeology of the Chachapoya Past: Preliminary Results"

Archaeologist 2.JPG

A feature of my position as a Latinx archaeologist and scholar, in the Comunidad Latinx series #SomosNorthwestern, in 2020.


A talk presented at Boston University's Archaeology Program event titled "Indigenous Archaeology and Community Engaged Research in the Americas" on November 13, 2020.

Salte Si Puedes.JPG

A Spanish pamphlet explaining archaeology and introducing myself to local community members, especially secondary school students and guides, in Leymebamba, in 2019.


Booklet: Bilingual Trekking Guide

A first draft of a Spanish-English Bilingual Trekking Guide using maps created from archaeological surveys. Designed for local guides to explain trips in the Leymebamba area. Contact me to request a copy.


Showcasing how local collaborators and I conduct archaeological excavations and surveys. 

Cochabamba 2.JPG

Showcasing some of the archaeological sites visited over five field seasons across the Andes.


Drone footage taken during archaeological surveys in 2019, showcasing Chachapoya landscapes.

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